Cookie Madness!

Starting Tuesday March 14th at our stores, I will be creating Cookie Craziness, for Cookie Madness at the Magic Cookie Company Bake Shoppe!  I am going to come up with new flavors and cookie creations that are pure Madness!  Stop in our stores or check out our Facebook page to see what craziness is bouncing around!Picture8OOKIEMADNESS

Tis the Season for Cookies!

It’s the season for cookies and desserts.  Don’t forget to order your items for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Start your Christmas shopping early! Pre-order your Holiday Cookie Trays for office parties, holiday meetings, or just gift giving!  Everyone will love our Magic Cookies for a holiday gift….Santa asks for them all the time!  We also have gift certificate available as well as Holiday Cookie Hats, Dessert Trays and much more! Call me and I will make your Holidays MAGICAL!

Cookie Trays are perfect for the family get-together, office parties or just for the hard to get person on your holiday list.  Cookie Trays range from 4 dozen for $25; 7 dozen for $45; and the Ultimate 12 dozen for $75!  With festive holiday cutouts, you can choose your combination of cookies!  Anyone will be a Cookie Monster with this gift!!! Just don’t forget the Milk!

DSCF0001 You can reach us at our new numbers 702 Raspberry at 814-218-3313 or 126 West 9th at 814-218-6259 or toll free (888) 439-8619

Spook-Tacular Halloween Treats!

Halloween is coming sooner then you can say BOO!  And I the Cookie Girl has some wonderful Halloween ideas that will leave your little gobblins screaming for more!  Cakes, Cookie Pizzas, Cupcakes…the list is longer then Alvira‘s Hair!  Order today before they vanish like ghosts!

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It’s Fall again, and that means yummy Pumpkin Fall Treats!  Like our Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie-What says Fall, Like Pumpkin Pie….is an Our open-faced pie is filled with a smooth custard-like filling made with pumpkin puree, eggs, cream, sugar and spices.